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The Night Orchard is a small social enterprise based in a Cloughjordan and Ballingarry, Ireland. We aim to become a model enterprise for rural regeneration based on local environmental responsibility, the development of economic resilience and the empowerment of young people through non-formal learning opportunities.

We offer several products and services, including apple juice, free-range eggs, oyster mushrooms, and a catering service aimed at the environmentally aware and those who value the use of high-quality local and seasonal products.

Our vision is to “provide a space for learning practical skills and promote a homesteading lifestyle in rural communities''

About us

We produce apple juice exclusively from apples gathered from various small orchards in the local area, and offer free apple pressing days during the season. We keep a small flock of  free range hens whom we feed only organically certified food. And are very proud of our chemical free oyster mushrooms which are attracting a lot of attention from other small farmers who would like to duplicate our success.

Our products are available in Centra, Cloughjordan, Sheelagh Nag Gig Bookshoop and Middle Country Cafe. Recently, the mushrooms are available in  Country Choice, Nenagh. In addition we deliver weekly to our local customers.

Apple Juice

Oyster Mushrooms

Free-Range Eggs

Our Products


Catering Service

We offer an educational catering service for those interesting in knowing the story behind the ingredients. We source these ingredients from trustee small producers with whom we have developed a personal connection.

This year we are opening a commercial kitchen, which will allow us to further diversify our offerings to the community. The kitchen will also be a space for us to expand our educational activities providing a much needed space where people can come, learn, and hopefully replicate elements of our model for their own communities .

We have found how important it is for personal empowerment to have practical tools for life and to feel capable of living self-sufficiently such as growing your own food and cook it, building your own shelter, and having a broader understanding of the environment in which we live in such as the benefits of herbs and plants, recognise trees and birds, and generate income from your own creations and talents. All this is possible in solidarity and cooperative work.

Wild abundance project is the opportunity to create a space for sharing  our own journey and lifestyle with others, especially young people who are keen to learn new ways of doing things and get a non- formal learning experience with an integral and ecocentric approach.

We have hosted different young adults and families interested to learn about what we do and how to develop small enterprises.

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Wild Abundance Project

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