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Jeanne Merer

Jeanne's background is steeped in visual arts, dance and land based art festivals, with a sprinkle of vineyard management and wine making. Alternative education has always been a centre point in her life and she is currently the Workshops and Events Officer at Irish Seed Savers. She is a trained Community Herbalist and co-runs the local Foroige Youth Club with Brian, offering teenagers a much needed place and support system within the local community.

Jeanne loves creating spaces that enliven the senses and cultivate a more intimate and reciprocal relationship with the communities we share the land with: humans, plants, trees, animals, insects... This comes in the form of art & nature based workshops, community medicine making, curating exhibitions for the local coop cafe, crafting seasonal feasts and botanical drinks around the fire and tending her own healing garden.

She is a native French speaker, fluent in English and has conversational Italian.

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