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     The Night Orchard is a small social enterprise run by three families of five nationalities based in a Small rural village in Ireland. Taking inspiration from our individual countries best practices, we aim to become a model enterprise for rural regeneration based on local environmental responsibility, the development of economic resilience models and the empowerment of young people through non-formal learning. We operate as a workers cooperative in a family environment, practicing and promoting a homesteading and ecocentric lifestyle and believe in a whole systems approach to work and live.

Our organisation came into existence as a direct response to the climate emergency, unsustainable food systems and a sense that we need to empower our local community to become agents of change. We take a very practical approach to these matters and want to lead by example. As individuals our staff are passionate about being self-sufficient but after experimenting with this philosophy we realised that in order to achieve our goals we have to expand our capacity and rather work towards community resilience. 


Susan Cabezas


Jeanne Merer


Johanna Taferner


Sinisa Mesaric

Finance Director/ Mushroom grower

Our Team

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