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Wild Abundance Project

No vacancies until next year...

We have found how important it is for personal empowerment to have practical tools for life and to feel capable of living self-sufficiently such as growing your own food and cook it, building your own shelter, and having a broader understanding of the environment in which we live in.

Wild abundance project is the opportunity to create a space for sharing  our own journey and lifestyle with others, especially young people who are keen to learn new ways of doing things and get a non- formal learning experience with an integral and eco-centric approach.

We provide a unique opportunity for young people to acquire a broad general set of skills through learning by experience and at the same time benefit from a guided immersion in intentional health and wellbeing connected with nature, with focus on the physical, emotional and spiritual dimension.



As part of the project, the participants will be part of a family environment in a rural community.  They will have access to a wide range of activities, events, and learning practices which will allow them to learn different skills to empower themselves in a self-sufficient way of living. Learning how to grow food, how to cook, how to recognise herbs and edible plants, how to grow oyster mushrooms and keep a small flock of laying chickens, basic knowledge in building and use of tools, basic accountant and business plan strategies. In addition, digital skills such as mapping the territory and landscaping, accountancy programs, Website and social media. The participants will also learn different practices of self-development and personal growth all based in nature connection. In each activity the participants will be working hand by hand with one member of the team who is in charge of the area. When it comes to group activities such as monthly celebration, events, markets and eco-building, more members if not the entire team will be working together. We have a mentoring model that includes an eco-soul centric approach. There will be a space dedicated to a more deep inner work and personal growth with emphasis in nature connection and art expression.


Wild Abundance project will start in September 2021 for a 12 months period. The participants will be living in a small rural village in the middle of Ireland. We provide high standard accommodation in a renewed stone farmhouse, with private/shared room and common workspace area. The house is in one of the locations of the project where we run the small flock of chickens, wormery compost, and oyster mushrooms.

All the food is mostly locally grown and vegetarian based, including our own garden and products. (Apple juice, free range eggs, oyster mushrooms, etc.)

We have a shared car and bikes available for the participants.

ESC program covers transport, health insurance, and a monthly allowance of 180 euros; food and accommodation. Holidays are during Christmas (10 days) and the rest of the remaining holiday days (14) can be organised based on the needs of each participant during the year.

Who Can Apply?

Participants from 18-30 years old  with a profile in the European Solidarity Corps Platform. If you have a strong interest in nature, personal development, and curiosity to learn more practical skills for life, including cooking, building, develop small business, event production, gardening, rural community living, then this project is for you!

Before applying, please consider if you are open to initiate a personal journey and explore new ways of learning in a multicultural environment, surrounded by nature and  its cycles. Some key questions for you before considering applying:

- What attracts you most about this volunteering opportunity?

- What personal capacity / resource do you think you most need to develop? How aware are you of personal wholeness?

- What's your relationship with 'nature'?

- Do you have any regular personal / spiritual development practices?


Please send an email  (info[@] with your CV, motivation letter, a picture of yourself you like the most, and fill the following application form

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